About Me...

You probably have no idea how many times I've tried to write this section. So I'm just going to jump in with 5 Sarah facts.

The selfie pic was taken at the 2011 Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, at Christie Conservation Area. I took my two beans with me, and we had an amazing time of music, great people and lots of trees. I don't always wear flowers in my hair, but I might have to up my game here. You really can' t go wrong with flowers in your hair, can you?!


I call children 'beans'. Started off as nicknames for the two beauties I've been privileged to guide in this life this far, and has extended to all wee ones. My daughters are Emma and Madison and they totally, and completely, rock my world! Being a Mum is and continues to be the most amazing cosmically profound experience for me - they blow my mind every day.

In fact, All kids rock. Seriously. So do youth/adolescents or 'teen changers' as Emma calls that stage. I've had the total gift of working with youth across the age span for my entire career. Seven years of awesomeness was dedicated working with youth in a period of transformation after acquiring a brain injury. Four years of beautiful moments was opening and running my own in home daycare when I had my sweet beans at home. Currently and for the last 2 years I've had the amazing privilege of working with young parents and their families. These girls are amazing. These families are amazing. I say with complete integrity that I totally love how I spend my energy during my 'working' moments. I've been totally lucky that way throughout my life. Mega gratitude for such a gift.


I'm currently listening to Arcade Fire right now. Specifically as I type, Here Comes the Nighttime.
I'm sharing this because music is one of my great loves. Rare are the moments in my life when
I don't have music playing.


I use the word 'cosmic' a lot. Some of those close to me have inferred that I have my own 'hippie speak'. I'm not entirely sure what this means, but if it means I get to continue peppering the word cosmic into conversation, I'm completely ok with that.


I have a lot of hope.
Hope! For immense awesomeness for all things! The beautiful ways I observe energy being used,
or by simply existing.


That's probably the most concise way I can sum myself up.

I'm a girl with an idea...

It's amazing to think that what sparked from a bedside chat with my beans years ago, has transformed into this. I have spaces to share beautiful moments, and honour energy. I created these spaces for all of us. You're so totally already included, just by existing. I bet there are probably dozens of things to honour about you, kindnesses you extended, beauty you witnessed. I want to know all about it. I want to know all about you. I want all of us to know more and honour each other, and share our moments of beauty and kindness. What total connections! Connected by our energy. Feeling it. Sharing it. Honouring it. Community.

I can't wait...

You're totally invited to share what rocked your universe - the goodnesses
big and small, the beauty, the love. Check out the Love Bubble Facebook page
and the Shine It Out twitter account.

Technology is normally a major thorn in my side but I'm totally digging the reach it gives to share our energy together in this way. I'm so much more of an in person kinda girl, but I'm so excited about the possibilities here!

Anyway. Now I could go on forever. So I'll end with this for now...

I'm so honoured you're reading these words. You're using your energy to honour mine. I hope your day is filled with beautiful moments of joy. Snapshots of kindness. And I'm glad I'm a human being alongside you, sharing space on this beautiful blue planet in this pocket of the stars.

That's a bonafide Sarah fact.