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What IS a Love Bubble?

Well it’s an idea. An idea with lots of ways to use it.

I wanted something to remind myself of how to consciously acknowledge goodness, love and kindness.
I see it so often in daily life, in little things, in big things. Sad times and happy times. I’ll write more about
the genesis of the concept in my blog soon.

The love bubble is a symbol of reminder to honour the vast source of goodness all around us.

It reminds me to fill my heart with conscious energy and acknowledge where and whom I want to love. To honour. It’s a moving meditation that I’ve used to center myself. In my work with children, this has worked amazingly.

It’s a mini movement. Not huge yet, but it has potential.

I created this site out of my passion for contemplating peacfeul behaviours; of sharing and connecting. To make a collaborative space to share our energy, to celebrate the compassion, beauty and goodness that’s in our world. Sending love bubbles is amazing, but the sharing of this goodness, the spreading of mindful honouring of energy is what makes this tick.

So make your own Love Bubble to honour with your energy.

I’ve attached links for you to print one off. Or create your own. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Take a moment. Open your eyes and your heart and see a goodness. Honour the acts of kindess and beauty we take for granted each day. Wake up with an intent to notice goodness. Honour it with a love bubble. Deliver them unscrupously to people you know, and people you don’t. Re-inforce the good things. The small acts. All with your energy. Do it often.

If you like, Follow me on Twitter where I will share where I “Shine It Out!”
- where I share who rocked my pocket of the universe with goodness and peace.
I invite you to do the same and Check out the Love Bubble Facebook page too.

Look for the “Love Bubble” sticker. It means “amazing energy exists here”. Send and deliver your own love bubbles. Post them. Mail them. Sit with them. And look for them everywhere. Shine It Out!