Note to Educators...

Running a “Shine It Out” group...
does not require tedious preparation of many materials. They have been run formally and informally. People talking, engaging, thinking, changing and choosing to use their ENERGY for inclusion, equality and activism; for peacefulness, compassion and loving kindness, towards themselves, each other and every living thing.I welcome you to explore these groups, and invite you to contact me if you are interested in learning more.


Ages 2-8 - coping skills, mindfulness, global citizenry, empowerment

The activities created for children ages 2-8 were designed to empower children to feel the challenging emotions that are presented with common age and developmental triggers, (such as change, delay in gratification and a denial of a request), yet to channel their energy into a simple, quick moving meditation which acts as a redirection of unsettled energy into positive action. Activities artwork, storytelling, and collaborative communication created to introduce a sense of how one interacts with a larger community.

Ages 8-12 - contemplation/mindfulness, choices, global citizenry, empowerment

The activities involved in these groups have been designed to harness the enormous amount of creative energy present in this dynamic age group. Children in this age range are exploring a new sense of self awareness with respect to how they fit into their world, as well as the global community. Activities created to support contemplation and consideration into how they use their energy, the choices this presents and the empowerment that can result in using energy for loving kindness are highlighted. Strategies which promote self directed mindfulness and autonomy of thought with respect to how to contribute to social action and global citizenry are also discussed.

Ages 12- 20 - engaging dialogue, choices, contemplation/mindfulness, empowerment, action

The groups presented to this creative age group are specifically designed to challenge current paradigms of thought and to engage in an ongoing dialogue through verbal communication and hands on activities that allow youth to explore the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of how they have traditionally expressed their energy, and how they might begin to refocus their self lenses to radiate compassion, integrity and kindness. This series of groups offers ways to evaluate personal world views, consider alternative points of view, and design daily cues to remain empowered with how their dynamic and passionate youth, vibrancy and energy is so vital to the contribution and creation of a whole, peaceful society. These series of groups have been successfully piloted in both a school, and external group facilitation setting since 2012.

Ages 20+ contemplation, evaluation, mindfulness and empowerment

The groups which include this adult population have a distinct difference in how they are run. Sessions include topics such as contemplation of current paradigms of thought with respect to world views, personal views and how this impacts our daily actions and motivation. Redefining personal life goals, refocussing into our own gifts and energy is presented as well as how this directly relates to ‘taking stock’ of the initiatives towards ‘success’ to date, and how through mindfulness combined with investigating personal integrity, ongoing dedication to acts of love, compassion and authenticity are possible.

Parents/Families - dialogue, contemplation, mindfulness, empowerment, global citizenry

The groups created for parents and families are unique to the others in that it focuses on how to include the topics of peace, mindfulness, compassion and honour, and bring them “back to the table”. In other words, how to weave the threads of our loving energy into every thing we do, as parents and caregivers; to role model for a future generation. These groups offer a holistic approach to parenting or caregiving at any stage, and have been offered to prenatal as well as postnatal populations since 2012.

Stress and Anxiety Management - contemplation, awareness, mindfulness and empowerment

The ideas offered in these groups are designed to promote through practice the evaluation of triggers, development of key coping strategies through visualization and mindfulness, with the goal of increased self awareness and self tranquility. Easy to use key components to use in everyday life.